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Whether one chooses to actively engage with it, or to purposely ignore or disconnect from it, everyone can see that the current state of affairs on our beautiful Mother Earth is chaos, fear and confusion. While both domestic politics and geopolitics have been quite challenging and complex for some time now, things have reached a fever pitch since the appearance of Covd19 on the world scene. And with it, life has entered a painfully challenging and fear-filled time. But only if we choose that route, instead of our own empowerment to meet the challenge and reclaim our beautiful lives.

Each of us can recall the early stages of the subsequently declared pandemic, which seemed to emerge slowly, almost timidly, and then became instantly explosive when the World Health Organization (WHO) formally declared it to be a pandemic on March 11. The world went into high gear, implementing the hastily made recommendations by all the relevant authorities, made almost in a panic, but forcefully. As a result, our lives all changed forever from what had been considered normal up until that point. None of the recommendations being made — the most key of which was the lockdown of the population of the world — had ever been the response to any of the many prior epidemics or pandemics. Why? Sorting through all of the information concerning Covid19, as it emerged, was a demanding job. It is a potent mix of information from different sources: from officialdom; from medical and scientific experts around the world; from the mainstream media; and from doctors and citizen journalists posting abundantly online, but this latter source was increasingly suppressed by platform giants like Facebook and Youtube. It is a daunting challenge to sort through it all in search of the truth. But lives and safety and freedom hang in the balance, so the world’s population does its best to decipher the truth, while ensuring health safety. …

There is a gift we all possess, which we must learn to listen to…

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Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

I remember, when I was a teenager, walking up a busy city sidewalk, not particularly focused on anything. And then, suddenly, all of my instincts kicked into action, as I became aware of a particular man, about a block away from me, and walking in my direction. I don’t know, to this day, why I suddenly noticed him, among all the other foot traffic on the sidewalk. But I do clearly remember my feelings while the distance between us narrowed, as we each continued to walk toward each other. My sense of danger increased with the decrease of distance between us. But rather than question the seemingly unreasonable nature of my feelings, I honored my instincts and quickly crossed the street, before risking any further proximity. I remember watching, from across the street, and feeling safer, now, to ensure he continued down the sidewalk, away from me. …

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I believe it is safe to say that life experiences teach us truths that cannot be learned through reading or academic studying, and that these lessons — if we take the time to process and extract them from each experience — are lifelong and richly rewarding. And it seems to me that the life lessons that have the greatest in-built treasure are those that challenge us, to the utmost.

As we all look around and take measure of where we all are, in this moment, on this beautiful Planet Earth, it is indisputable that Humanity is in the midst of just such a collective life-experience and great challenge. We are all at a collective crossroads, and the choices we each, and all, make, based on how and if we process this experience, will determine what our future will be, and that of our children, and its very nature. This could be an admittedly daunting thought. But is is also an extremely empowering one, as it represents a rare and rich opportunity to collectively lift ourselves up by the bootstraps. This is something I believe Humanity has a unique gift for, and requires only the conscious choice and commitment to wake up from our former state of programmed habits and thoughts. These habits and thoughts include the key ones of unthinkingly relegating our divine Free Will and its guardian tools of critical thinking and intuitive sense, to others — typically authority figures that we ourselves have created, imbuing them with our power. …

The Truth, As Always, Will Set Us Free

I have always enjoyed school, because I have always craved knowledge and the wisdom that comes with it, if one takes the time to process the information and use it in one’s life. For those of you who have done so, especially routinely, then you know the huge difference that the resulting access to that wisdom has on your life, and the life of those you touch. …

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Photo by Ben Dutton on Unsplash

It was 1962 when my parents packed my brother and me into the car, with an adventurous trip planned, starting with attending the Seattle World’s Fair. My father has always been the adventurous type, and so my brother and I — respectively ages 10 and 9 at the time — were excited about this trip. We started out from our Southern California home, and were happy to “hit the road” to adventure.

The miles of highway travel were filled with the usual mix of busy city driving and views, and the long stretches of seemingly endless highway. The intervening stays at a series of motels and hotels along the way were themselves mini adventures. And the miles were filled with a mix of “car games” (like ‘who can find the largest number of different license plates first’), naps, and a wide range of conversational topics and shared commentary about the views that zipped past our car windows. …


Marcela Cruz-Gibbons

Omnivorous lover of life with interests from poetry/literature and science to geopolitics, health and art. IFB.

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