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Whether one chooses to actively engage with it, or to purposely ignore or disconnect from it, everyone can see that the current state of affairs on our beautiful Mother Earth is chaos, fear and confusion. While both domestic politics and geopolitics have been quite challenging and complex for some time now, things have reached a fever pitch since the appearance of Covd19 on the world scene. And with it, life has entered a painfully challenging and fear-filled time. But only if we choose that route, instead of our own empowerment to meet the challenge and reclaim our beautiful lives.

Each of us can recall the early stages of the subsequently declared pandemic, which seemed to emerge slowly, almost timidly, and then became instantly explosive when the World Health Organization (WHO) formally declared it to be a pandemic on March 11. The world went into high gear, implementing the hastily made recommendations by all the relevant authorities, made almost in a panic, but forcefully. As a result, our lives all changed forever from what had been considered normal up until that point. None of the recommendations being made — the most key of which was the lockdown of the population of the world — had ever been the response to any of the many prior epidemics or pandemics. Why? Sorting through all of the information concerning Covid19, as it emerged, was a demanding job. It is a potent mix of information from different sources: from officialdom; from medical and scientific experts around the world; from the mainstream media; and from doctors and citizen journalists posting abundantly online, but this latter source was increasingly suppressed by platform giants like Facebook and Youtube. It is a daunting challenge to sort through it all in search of the truth. But lives and safety and freedom hang in the balance, so the world’s population does its best to decipher the truth, while ensuring health safety.

Soon it becomes apparent that one key element of this Covid19 phenomenon is that it is deeply divisive. Why is that? Any time that people’s welfare and lives are at risk, there is bound to be a high emotional response. But the normal reaction to such situations in the past has been to work together, compare notes, experiences and resources where possible, and strive to find a viable solution as quickly as possible. With Covid19, however, the conflicting histories, theories, experiences, opinions and agendas, selectively presented by the mainstream media, have been super-charged by the heavily politicized treatment Covid19 has received. The resulting confusion and fear is being used to suppress and control what would otherwise be a normal human reaction: cooperation in the face of a common enemy.

Still, some key information can be identified. The original model predictions about Covid19 were hugely exaggerated and inaccurate; the chosen testing method (Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR) is terribly inaccurate, precisely because its inventor, Nobel-prize winner in chemistry Kary Mullis, himself declared that the PCR was not appropriate for diagnostic purposes; the key death rate data- have now been determined to be comparable to those of a bad flu and therefore the resulting survival rate is high (98.6%); the CDC has admitted the death rate from Covid infection is actually only 6%; and by an increasing consensus of many doctors in many countries around the world, including in the United States, it has been announced that there is both a preventative and a cure (among several), which is the falsely maligned hydroxychloroquine or HCQ. This good news was assiduously suppressed soon after being announced, and one should wonder why. Because this last point is a real game-changer: it means the hastily imposed lockdowns, as well as the controversial mask-wearing (except in the case of vulnerable groups) are not necessary. Besides the well-reported repercussions from the lockdown (including the destruction of economies and loss of self-sufficiency, domestic violence, violence and abuse of children, alarmingly increased suicide rates, psychological trauma, including that of our children, and both reported and projected starvation), there is another alarming and priceless loss: humanity is experiencing the loss of our freedoms.

To me, this loss is the greatest danger to us all. Because without our freedom, humanity is no longer fully human. God’s greatest gift to humanity is free will. Without the living and social environment that allows full exercise of free will — from which emerges imagination, compassion, intelligence, creativity, hope and wisdom, among other beautiful gifts expressed by humanity — there is little meaning to life. We must not allow the powerful propaganda machine of the mass media and the agenda-driven machinations of politics to determine our fate, and the quality of our lives. We, humanity, hold our fate and the trajectory of our lives in our own hands, if we choose to reclaim our God-given power and refuse to live in fear and ignorance.

Let us demand access to the inexpensive solution so many courageous doctors have sacrificed to bring to our knowledge, HCQ — or any of a number of similar successful treatments which have been discovered by doctors the world over. Let us use it and enable our already increasing herd immunity to open up the world again, and reclaim our lives and freedoms. Let us once again live as humans were created to live: free, engaging with and enjoying life and each other, and using our creative intelligence to remake the world in keeping with our highest nature. We must not allow divisiveness to destroy us all, but must stand together, and bring forth the life and reality we all crave to see express itself, through the best in us, on our beautiful Mother Earth. We can survive and flourish beautifully together. Let no one and nothing rob us of this divine heritage. Here is our clarion call:

The landscape of reality, these days

Is littered well beyond the natural realm

Of expectations, needs and ways –

And daily feeds us overwhelm.

Facts stand firmly on their own two feet.

And yet, we have become obsessed,

And trade, for comfort’s sake, defeat

Of heart and mind with which we are blessed.

The very life within us calls,

A whispering voice of urgent plea:

Awaken, now, tear down the walls

To tame the fears, to set us free.

Marcela Cruz-Gibbons

* see section The Fear is Worse Than the Virus

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