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“Forty Things I Love” Challenge

Though my response has been delayed due to overriding obligations this week, I am happy to finally be able to submit my own “40”, in response to Nesiller Ötesi’s sweet invite. In no particular order, here you go… (-:

  1. BEAUTY. I love beauty in all its forms and it often brings tears of appreciation to my eyes.
  3. MY FAMILY. My parents, which I am blessed to still have with us, my seven other siblings and extended family. All exceptional human beings.
  4. POETRY. Inspired poetry is to literature what a luscious dessert is to a good meal.
  5. AND SPEAKING OF MEALS … a well-prepared meal, which is like a full palette for the palate (-:
  6. LITERATURE. Good literature is intellectually stimulating, adventurous, moving, humorous, heart-wrenching… the gamut of emotions and thoughts.
  7. BLOWN GLASS. What a glorious medium for capturing color and light!
  8. ROSES, and flowers in general. They are wonderfully extravagant expressions of our plant world.
  9. THE SOUNDS OF THE OCEAN in its eternal motions…
  10. THE SOUNDS OF WATER, like the flow of a river, the patter of rain, the music of fountains.
  12. DARK CHOCOLATE and its magic, melting alchemy.
  13. CRYSTALS of every color and configuration, and the beauty, wisdom and magic they hold.
  14. PUNS. They delight me.
  15. STAR-STUDDED SKIES. Awesome.
  16. CLASSICAL MUSIC, especially Rachmaninoff, Beethoven and Debussy.
  17. CLASSIC ROCK & ROLL. So many wonderful memories and associations…
  18. MY HOME, my castle, my refuge.
  19. A LUSH, HAPPY GARDEN that draws in the bees and the hummingbirds.
  20. HUMMINGBIRDS: gorgeous, jeweled “rockets” that delight.
  21. VELVET. Delicious and lush fabric, with the ability to hold a depth of color, rivaled in sensuousness only by…
  22. SATIN. Smooth, liquid caressing beauty.
  23. Classic perfumes like Shalimar, or contemporary classics like Lolita Lempicka. They exude delight, as do their viscous cousins, ESSENTIAL OILS.
  24. GOOD FRIENDS, loving companions in life’s journey, sharing the good and the bad, out of love.
  25. SLEEP. Deep, dreamless, regenerating sleep.
  26. SHOWERS. Long, languorous, relaxing showers.
  27. WRITING. Expressing and sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas in that most expansive and satisfying of mediums.
  28. HOT FUDGE SUNDAES. The perfect dessert!
  29. KIRSCHWASSER TORTE. A definite runner-up.
  31. DAWN, and its glorious promise.
  32. SUNSET, and its sumptuous departure.
  33. ANIMALS. Such a wealth of wonder, sentience, and earthly companionship.
  34. JOKES. A good joke is food for the soul.
  35. SMILES that light up the room.
  36. GOOD HEALTH. The foundation for engagement in a full life.
  37. MOVIES. Good movies. Like captured dreams that expand our life experiences. My favorite? Dangerous Beauty.
  38. RESEARCH. Both the process and product of exploring topics that pique my interest.
  39. BOOKS. Life, bereft of books, would be sadly two-dimensional. Favorite authors include Mark Twain, Conan Doyle, Kipling, Edgar Allen Poe, Beryl Markham, Diane Ackerman, Maya Angelou, Lewis Thomas, Edward De Bono, Stephen Pressfield, Mary Renault, Bryce Courtney, Carl Sagan, James Joyce, Goethe, Rumi, Omar Khayyam, Dostoevsky, Gary Zukav …………….
  40. And last, but by far NEVER least… My Honey. And I don’t mean the bee kind… (-:

Thank you for reading! And if they care to, I invite Rick Gibbins and George J. Ziogas to post their lists.

Omnivorous lover of life with interests from poetry/literature and science to geopolitics, health and art. IFB.

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