Great job with this, Krista. And the cashew experiments remind me of the proven and centuries-old method of Agnihotra, which I have experienced, as well, as being very effective, as well as lovely to participate in. It is wonderful to see that serious scientific research is both being done and proving the validity of these energy healing systems. And while I, myself, need no convincing of the powers and effectiveness of such healing (,

I commend the great way in which you have shared your knowledge and experience of Trivedi energy (thanks for introducing me to it). Likewise regarding your comments on craniosacral therapy, as the brilliant Dr. Upledger, who discovered and developed it, admitted later that it, too, involved a form of healing energy. Certainly The New Physics substantiates the role of energy in all things… Thank you for writing and posting this.

Omnivorous lover of life with interests from poetry/literature and science to geopolitics, health and art. IFB.

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