Hey, Heather, I can certainly relate. Having been forced to move now 13 times in the past four years (long story) I am well acquainted with the stressors involved in moving, from start to finish. If you will allow me share one of my coping mechanisms, based on that experience, I would add an aspect of your last point. This move gives you the opportunity to mastermind and fine tune those things you would like to change about how you organize your home, thus improving the resulting quality of life you will enjoy in your new home. Not to mention just practical steps to take prior to your actual move, like making sure to clearly categorize and label the contents of your boxes, in order to streamline your move-in process. May things go smoothly for you.

Omnivorous lover of life with interests from poetry/literature and science to geopolitics, health and art. IFB. alecramzurc312@gmail.com

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