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Photo by Olivier-Miche on Unsplash

Along the lonely back roads of my heart

I travel during times of gifted calm.

The landscape there unfolds in lovely scenes,

Unraveling emotions as I go.

Horizons there are always limned in gold,

And saffron melts from gold and into mauve.

And here along these roads my pace is sure,

For clarity reveals my every step.

Within this hidden precious place,

From this secluded wellspring of my soul,

I can truly live intensity,

Emerge, and live acutely in my self.

The core of this self is rooted in the heart,

And only in the heart does Wisdom lie.

For only there the dissonance of other voices cannot reach.

And in this taproot place,

I hide my Treasure.

Omnivorous lover of life with interests from poetry/literature and science to geopolitics, health and art. IFB.

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