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She turned the light switch off, and the light hung suspended in the air for a split second, before dissolving into the darkness. She could feel the light, in the darkness, a reality experienced as a potential. Its presence caressed her. Holding her hands before her in the dark, palms facing each other, she blew soft breath into the space between them, gently coaxing a glow of light to reveal itself. Acknowledging its presence with a smile, she nodded, dropped her hands, and walked out the door, into the dark of the moon. Tonight was a night for planting seeds.

The earth, soft and moist beneath her feet, sighed. A sudden longing filled her, life’s awareness itself filling her. Sublime. Mother Earth spoke in sonorous deep and invisible tones, and she listened, glowing with love and appreciation. Knowledge and mysteries, yin and yang to each other, filled her to the core, and their presence allowed her to expand, and touch the distant stars. Their light encouraged communion.

After a while, the immediate presence of night winds recalled her, and she reached out, holding them to herself as they passed, breathing her own acknowledgment of their presence into them, then gently releasing them on their journey. They had many messages to carry that night.

A sharp and more assertive wind focused its intent upon her, and she traced the path of an owl as it rode, supported on the night’s viscous darkness, to a nearby tree. She felt the focus of its stare, curious and purposeful, along with the welcoming hospitality of the tree. Its branch gratefully accepted the sensation of the owl’s weight and grasp upon its branch, a reminder of its own existence in the night.

Moving slowly, her presence like a mist upon the ground, her steps took her upward, to the hill, where moments later she stood upon its height. From here, her eyes engaged the night, and she surveyed the world that lay before her. Its vistas were immense, and promising. And she smiled and nodded, knowing that all would be revealed at the full moon.

Omnivorous lover of life with interests from poetry/literature and science to geopolitics, health and art. IFB.

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