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Photo by Riccardo Chiarini on Unsplash

There is a dream,
As of the gull,
Whose self-assertive call
Resounds, and plays
Above the ever-moving waves.
There is a secret wealth
Revealed in cooling whispers
Within the trembling green
And earth-rich sighs
Of a forest’s heart.
There is the sun,
And all its golden-glory warmth,
And the mountains
In their timeless, silent watch.
There is the desert
In its own, smoothly contoured,
Copper-silver reality.
And then the lake,
So quietly alive with inner peace —
In the softly blazing passion
Of renewing dawn,
Or the deep concern of sunset.
And yes, the gentle, urging winds,
Which embrace these all,
And share with each
Their individual wisdom.
I wish you all of these and more,
That they may teach you
That the only sin is not to live,
And the only sadness, not to love.

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