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Years ago, something unexpected happened in my life that gifted me with gratitude and thankfulness, as I have rarely experienced.

One of my Reiki clients, (let’s call her Mary), hired me to send long-distance Reiki to her brother, living in Ireland. For those who may not know, Reiki energy is not healing energy that originates with the healer, but is actual Life-force energy drawn in and directed by the healer. It is a privilege and gift to work with, and as I always do, I cleared and centered my self first, in order to most powerfully draw in and send the Reiki energy, which is also an intelligent energy. The healer does not need to know what the “problem” to be resolved is, because the Reiki energy does, and knows how to address it. In any case, I delivered the long-distance healing and let my client know when it was completed a bit later that day.

About a week later, I was contacted by Mary, who then shared with me the reason she had hired me to do the healing. Her brother, a Catholic priest living in Ireland, was terminally ill with cancer. His doctor had advised Mary not to waste her money on an airline ticket to come say good-bye to him, as he would not survive long enough for her to see him. This was why she had called to arrange for the healing, to help her brother in the only way she could, long-distance. She was completely and wonderfully surprised the morning after the Reiki session, when the doctor called her and told her to hurry and fly out, as her brother had miraculously stabilized enough overnight that she would, indeed, have time enough to come give her loving good-bye to him. She was immensely grateful for this unexpected gift to her and her brother, and therefore called me to explain and thank me. Having known nothing about the reason for the Reiki session she requested, and finding this out from her, I was immediately filled with an overwhelming and humbling sense of gratitude that I had been given the grace-filled opportunity to render such a service, through the power of Reiki. That sense of thankfulness remains a glowing presence in my life, to this day…

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