The Truth, As Always, Will Set Us Free

I have always enjoyed school, because I have always craved knowledge and the wisdom that comes with it, if one takes the time to process the information and use it in one’s life. For those of you who have done so, especially routinely, then you know the huge difference that the resulting access to that wisdom has on your life, and the life of those you touch. With that in mind, I wish to share with you an experience in my life, and then share with you a recent video I came across, of the kind of knowledge that can change the world, and for the better.

While studying at my University, at the time on a pre-med course of studies, I had occasion to take a good number of science courses. On the particular semester of study that my experience occurred, I was sitting in a large audience hall of several hundred fellow students for a General Biology lecture that on this date dealt with genetics. I had read the assigned chapter in the text book the night before, in preparation for this lecture. At the time, the technology being used to present the material, besides the professor speaking through a microphone to the students, was an opaque projector, which enabled the professor to draw onto a small flat screen sitting on a desk and have that material projected in large-scale onto a large screen for the students to view.

The professor had been lecturing for some time — the students all frantically taking notes and holding up their hand-held recorders to capture every word — when he began to draw onto the opaque projector the Operon model of a gene. Having read this material the night before, I felt my stomach sink, as I viewed the professor’s drawing, because it did not make sense to me, given my understanding from the prior night’s readings. My desire to understand this material correctly overrode any consideration whatsoever for the fact that I was about to question the professor in front of several hundred fellow students, all of whom were studiously listening and taking notes. So, I raised my hand and was promptly recognized by the professor, allowing me to ask my question. “Dr.”, I said, “I think I did not understand last night’s readings because … shouldn’t that (pointing to part of the diagram) “be there, and that, (pointing to another section of the drawing), be there?”

In response, the professor leaned back to view his drawing, and in honest shock declared “My goodness, you are right” and began to erase and make corrections to his drawing. My sense of relief that I had truly understood the material was somewhat marred by realizing that many of the other students were now glaring at me. That is when I came to a shocking realization. They were so intent on just taking down what was being fed to them by a person in authority, that they did not even think about the content, let alone realize it might be relevant to question it. They were discomfited by the fact they now needed to edit the notes they had studiously taken, or the recordings they had been making of the lecture, and many had already begun memorizing the incorrect information. And I realized that what I had observed for so many years during my schooling had taken a cumulative toll on students’ desire and ability to think for themselves. Instead, the school system taught students to value their ability to memorize, regardless of the merit of the material they were asked to memorize, so that they could repeat it back on examinations to earn high marks That was the day that I doubled down on my desire and dedication to The Truth, in all things, which had been my instinct, since a child.

And this life lesson brings me to the point I wish to make and share with you, dear reader. Because this blind obedience and submission to all forms of “those in power” has infected our society to such a degree, that The People have forgotten how to think critically, recognize the relevance of doing research, and thus guide their thoughts, and therefore their actions (or inaction) by the integrity of the knowledge they thus earn for themselves. People are afraid to consider, let alone share, any thoughts or opinions in conflict with the “all-powerful” status quo, and worse, reflexively participate in attacking those few among us who do retain that instinct for the truth.

And here I will mention one of the powerful tools that was created by those in power over us, to bring us into submission and ensure that we police each other, to stay within the narrow boundaries of thought and action that is the goal of those currently in power over society. And that is the term “Conspiracy Theory”. For those of you who have “done your homework” (I say this with a rueful smile, as that phrase itself is a styled reward of the system for those who toe the line) you will know that the term conspiracy theory was created by the C.I.A., in the aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. At that time, there were enough of us who were questioning the official story of what had happened, and how, that the need to suppress such “dangerous” thinking and thus avoid the close inspection that heinous incident merited, was critical to those in power, who wished to avoid such investigation. Knowing psychology and the tendency of humans to keep each other in line, the term conspiracy theory/theorist was created to provide an easy and approved criticism of those questioning the official story. Judge for yourselves just how effective a weapon against Truth that phrase has become. Because Truth requires the light of day like all life depends upon the sun for its very existence.

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And so, I come to my final point which I wish to share with you, regarding a most urgent and dangerous situation with which the whole world is presently faced: The Corona Virus. At this point, I don’t have to point out the unquestioning pervasiveness of a historical level of fear the world is experiencing. It has such an effective and powerful grip on humanity, that the whole world has been put on hold, in its service to that fear. And the financial, emotional/psychological, societal and governmental impact of this phenomenon has the capacity to bring Humanity to its knees, and keep us all there, for a long time to come, if we do not awaken from the spell of this fear and start thinking for ourselves and questioning what we have been ordered and programmed to obey.

It is supremely ironic, given the title of this piece — that I subsequently came across compelling information that demands I make the following edits to this piece, in honor of The Truth, which I do here now, with original text in italics and edited changes in bold, as follows:

Here I come full circle regarding learning, because I recently came across one brilliant and passionate voice of wisdom. Dr. Shiva has key knowledge to share with the world, that if seriously listened to and considered, has the light-filled power to break our spell. And in turn, enable us to take back our power and freedoms which are insidiously being taken from us by governments around the world taking advantage of this crisis to claim powers over The People that they have no intention of ever returning, as history unfortunately demonstrates. This crisis — dare I call it a false flag? — has the potential to usher in a new Dark Age, while enriching and empowering those who presently control us, beyond all imagining. And enabling their final power over us. Please pause long enough to consider this possibility.

So I implore you all to serve your own best interest while there is still time, and please listen to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai — an MIT Ph.D. in Biological Engineering, among other degrees — as he presents to you in this video the FACTS and TRUTH about this Corona Virus. Given the following cited information I recently found, namely,

I therefore retract my endorsement of Dr. Shiva. I have followed the work of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for too long to question his integrity or motives, and so Dr. Shiva has revealed his true nature and motives. But instead of his assertions, then, I cite the relevant information offered by Dr. Kaufman, here, which information includes more far-reaching implications for Humanity, as well:

Then, judge for yourself. Thus, we can all truly understand what the real threat is, and make informed choices, rather than performing blind obedience to what we are being “fed” and asked to swallow whole.

This video shows what integrity, courage and true intelligence look and sound like, and what real concern for Humanity feels like. Enjoy it and take advantage of it to set yourselves free, as Dr. Kaufman clearly intended by providing it.

Omnivorous lover of life with interests from poetry/literature and science to geopolitics, health and art. IFB.

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